Online Furniture Shopping 

While a lot of people in Singapore would still prefer going from one furniture store to another when decorating, many are now open to buying home furnishing online. This gives them time to rethink the budget, design and research about the item itself. Online home decor stores in Singapore are really becoming popular. More and more suppliers are starting to build their stores online.

Some online stores have made it more convenient by showcasing all their items at a showroom. Just like in any online shopping, you’ve already made your research, you have your top choices, and then you visit the store to try the items out. Saves time doesn’t it?

We’ve rounded up our top 10 online stores in Singapore.  We like them because of their furniture style, choices and pricing. Check them out and start shopping!



Think Scandinavian, modern, great simple designs at a fair price. Perfect for your rental flat or new HDB!


They have reinvented furniture retail in Singapore. By taking out the middle men, warehouses and shopfronts, they are able to delivery beautiful furniture pieces at a low price.  For those who would like to try out their furniture, visit their studio at Alexandra.


We love the mix of items here. From quirky accessories, to unique wall decors and rugs, this store would give your home a Scandi-Eclectic vibe. Love their wallpaper prints too!


They have a nice range of Chinese antiques, and more masculine, industrial furniture and decors. Their outdoor furniture  collection is in our top list!


Though they don’t have as much choices as the other bigger online retailers, they make up for it through their special pieces. Bone inlay tables and animal shapes lamps anyone?

Top 5



How we love this online store. It’s like travelling around the globe and bringing home special furniture pieces that you love. Feel free to visit their showroom to get inspired.


An expat favorite, their items are just amazingly beautiful. From safari chairs to trellis legged tables – any piece is definitely an eye catcher. They have about 30,000 items in their inventory and a huge 140,000 sqft showroom too. Not bad right?


Their style is very urban, minimalist and sleek. If you love wood, simple clean modern lines, this is your store.


Based on passion for travel and culture, Living DNA curates pieces from different places. All beautifully crafted and thought of, the pieces make a perfect addition if you would like to go Global Eclectic for your home decor.


High quality furniture, mostly Swedish and Danish style. We are loving their sleek modern armchairs and Bird decors.

Top 5b

*Furniture images credits to each supplier

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