Our love for Boho Beach is never going to fade. Although sometimes we think it’s too hot in Singapore, we are still often blessed with clear blue sunny skies- good enough for that Boho Beach vibe that we are dreaming of! We could hang out at East Coast and Sentosa for a beach side fix (ok, maybe it’s not really for swimming but at least you could be in a bikini and there’s sand!). Today’s inspiration comes from Megan Martinez of Boho Beach Bungalow. Loving her whole house!


-Photo Credits to Carley Rudd and Meghan Martinez

Dreaming of your own Boho Beach in Singapore? Here are a few items to get started!

get the look boho

1. Miley Side chair and Blake Wood Side Chair – Comfort Furniture

2. Hong Lamp Shade – Stylo Deco 150.00$

3. Havana Hemp Rug – Living DNA 445.00$

4. Tanjong Beach Poster Eck & Art 89.00$

5. Vintage Dining Table – Mountain Teak 1,760.00$

6. Planter Set – Cluster-Cluster

Happy Decorating!


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