//E-design: Things you should know before hiring an E-designer

Online shopping, online food delivery, online banking…but Online Interior Design? This trend is fast growing all over the world. There are a few E-designers now in Singapore. More and more home owners are trying this service – the pricing and convenience is the number one factor. Interior Design has never been so accessible to everybody as it is now.

How does it really work? Find out here.


For those who are a bit hesitant on trying out the service, here are a few tips to get started:

Can I collaborate effectively with my designer if we will be working online?

You would be working online with an Interior designer, and with any typical online job, communication and clarity is key. Here are some tips on how to make sure you work effectively with your designer:

  • Project brief stage: Talk and discuss with your partner first- In most cases, you are sharing the room with somebody else. Design is subjective, so make sure to discuss with your partner what you both like and do not like and how you envision the room before answering the project brief. Research on room designs that excite you and send it to us. Try to give as much info as you can in the project brief.
  • Give concrete feedback – Don’t hold back on your comments! Our designers love to hear what you like or don’t like something, and it is great when you explain why or which specific aspects you like or don’t like. This would help your designer to design your space more accurately. Online design is all about communication!
  • Be very open about your budget and available resources . Your designer would be specifying items from stores that are available in your area, specially those that have a retail website. If you have any furniture or items you’d like to use, send photos and measurements to your designer.
  • Send as many mood images as you can. Send your designer any room or details that you like. Reference specific colors or styles that you like or do not like. Being specific would help your designer get the style that you really want.
  • Be proactive – The first couple of days, where you and your designer will brainstorm and agree the concept for your design, are very important as this will be the foundation for the final design you’ll receive.
  • Timeline – E-designers appreciate a timely feedback. Without a feedback means they would move on to the next stage. Communication is key to a beautifully designed room!



E-design is a virtual design process. If you need to remodel or hack some walls or do any major construction, E-design  may not be for you. Major construction and remodelling may require more drawings and details that extend beyond E-design services.

But if you have a room that you would like to quickly decorate, add a wallpaper, change the paint color and furnish, then E-design is the right service for you. 



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