A few years back, decorating your home means going around furniture and homeware stores. You just furnish your place with whatever is available. The only place to be? Ikea?   

For those of you who travel a lot, you bring home beautiful souvenirs that turn into home artwork/ accessories. 

Flash forward to now, we have access to almost everything. That beautiful Ben Ourain rug you have been dreaming of can now easily be purchased online – nope, you don’t have to fly to Morocco! That special African indigo mudcloth cushion that you couldn’t find in local stores in Singapore could now be ordered and delivered in a week. 

Painters and artists are here, thank you to Etsy and online stores such as Society 6. They connect artists from all over the world and we all get a share of beautiful artwork and special crafts. 

If you are looking for artwork or decors to furnish your home, here is our top 5:


1.SOCIETY 6 – Throw pillows, tapestries, art and canvas prints – the selections are endless.  They are connected to thousands of artists around the globe. Did we say free international shipping?



2.TARGET– One of the largest discount store retailers in the US, this is a favorite of E-designers when they have to design a low-budget room. There are quite a lot of nice pieces, that when mixed with the right item, would make your room look like a designer room.



3.URBAN OUTFITTERS – Apartment style living, with a twist. That’s how we describe their home and lifestyle products. They are fun, eclectic, modern and designer approved!


4.ETSY– This is like you going around a Moroccan souk, or checking out the night market in Thailand. But without actually being there. Etsy has an extensive range of handmade and vintage goods from trustworthy sellers.



5.OVERSTOCK – Another American online retailer, they have one of the lowest prices in the market. They also have a fair trade store which is great if you are looking for unique pieces for your room. International shipping is calculated during checkout including all customs and taxes.

overstock 3.jpg




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